About CA Buildings

For over 25 years CA Buildings has been building the finest homes and innovative commercial properties in Southern California. With a committed attention to detail and craftsmanship, we have brought to life a number of award-winning custom homes and commercial properties in coastal communities across Southern California.

We offer our clients the expertise and resources to take a project from concept to completion. Providing experience in site selection, entitlement, permitting, architectural design, project management, construction, cost analysis and estate management, we can bring your vision to life.

We value quality over quantity. Focusing our energies on a select handful of extraordinary projects allows us to be meticulous about every detail and maintain each client with personal attention. Each project is approached as a unique piece of art, individual in its design, construction, and timeless value. Using the highest quality materials, the latest energy-efficient features, and our extensive construction experience, we ensure each building will provide lasting value for its user. At CA Buildings, we strive to create extraordinary spaces where individuals and families feel at home and inspired.